Series 11 - Internal Policies and Procedures

County and Circuit Judges (11.100)

Description number
Adobe PDF  Assignment of Judges  11.101
Adobe PDF  Assignment of Administrative Judges and Executive Committee  11.102
Adobe PDF Judicial Seniority 11.103
Adobe PDF Seniority Listing Of Judges 11.104
Adobe PDF Judicial Rotation Policy 11.105
Adobe PDF Alternate Assignments 11.106
Adobe PDF Judicial Leave Policy 11.107
Adobe PDF Duty Judge/Emergencies 11.108
Adobe PDF Duty Judge Roster 11.109
Adobe PDF Appointment of Circuit Judges as Acting County Judges; Appointment of County Judges As Acting Circuit Judges 11.110
Adobe PDF Transfer of County Court Cases to Circuit Court 11.111
Adobe PDF Handling Capital Cases 11.112
Adobe PDF Reassignment of Cases After Disqualification or Recusal 11.113

Senior Judges, Trial Division Judges and Magistrates (11.200)

Adobe PDF Request for Senior Judge Assistance 11.201
Adobe PDF Request for Trial Division Judges 11.202
Adobe PDF Appointment of Magistrates 11.203
Adobe PDF Restrictions on Magistrates Qualifying for Public Office 11.204

Branch Courthouses (11.300)

Adobe PDF Branch Courthouses 11.301
Adobe PDF Hearings Held Outside Main Courthouse or Branch Courthouses 11.302

Judicial Chambers (11.400)

Adobe PDF New Judges - Furniture and Supplies 11.401
Adobe PDF Judicial Research Materials and Libraries 11.402

Miscellaneous Judiciary (11.500)

Adobe PDF Legal Counsel for Judges 11.501
Adobe PDF Flower Fund 11.502
Adobe PDF Circuit Contracts 11.503

Judicial Staff(11.600)

Adobe PDF Judicial Assistants' Entry Rate of Compensation 11.601
Adobe PDF Administrative/Secretarial Coverage 11.602
Adobe PDF Law Clerks/Internal Operating Procedure 11.603
Adobe PDF Law Clerks Code of Conduct 11.604

Human Resources (11.700)

Adobe PDF Civil Rights Complaint Procedure 11.701
Adobe PDF Code of Conduct for Non Judicial Employees 11.702
Adobe PDF Gift Policy 11.703
Adobe PDF Computer Use Policy 11.704
Adobe PDF Interns and Volunteers 11.705

Technology (11.800)

Adobe PDF Circuit Website 11.801
Adobe PDF CJIS 11.802
Adobe PDF JIS System Security 11.803
Adobe PDF BANNER-Filing of Cases with more than 999 11.804