Series 2 - General Rules

General Administrative Matters (2.100)

description number
Adobe PDF Preparation and Distribution of Administrative Orders 2.101
Adobe PDF Administrative Order Numbering System 2.102
Adobe PDF Additional Court Holidays 2.103
Adobe PDF Designation of Record Newspaper 2.104
Adobe PDF Fifteenth Circuit's Professionalism Panel 2.105
Adobe PDF Pro Bono Service 2.106
Adobe PDF Deposition Rooms 2.107

Security, Emergency, & Other Procedures (2.200)

Adobe PDF Courthouse Security and Screening 2.201
Adobe PDF Security of Judicial Corridors 2.202
Adobe PDF Court Emergency Management Group 2.203
Adobe PDF Containment & Removal of Bioharzardous Waste 2.204
Adobe PDF Court Emergency and Disaster Procedures 2.205
Adobe PDF Disaster and Emergency Procedures in Criminal and Dependency Matters 2.206
Adobe PDF Request for Reasonable Accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act 2.207
Adobe PDF Procedures for Special Interest/High Profile Proceedings 2.208

Court Files, Records & Cases (2.300)

Adobe PDF Paper Court Files 2.301
Adobe PDF Companion, Refiled, & Transfered Cases 2.302
Adobe PDF Sealing Court Hearings and Records 2.303
Adobe PDF Request for Public Judicial Records 2.304
Adobe PDF Microfilming of Court Records 2.305
Adobe PDF Motions, Orders and Judgments 2.306
Adobe PDF Case Advancement in Non Criminal Matters 2.307
Adobe PDF Uniform Intracircuit Conflict Resolution Procedure 2.308
Adobe PDF Exemplification Certificates 2.309
Adobe PDF Service by Email 2.310
Adobe PDF Notices of Change of Address, Substitution/Withdrawal of Counsel & Designation of Atty of Record 2.311
Adobe PDF Electronic Filing of Documents 2.312
Adobe PDF Assignment of Criminal and Civil Contempt Cases 2.313

Jury Management and Jurors (2.400)

Adobe PDF Jury Management - Clerk's Responsibilities 2.401
Adobe PDF Jury Panels 2.402
Adobe PDF Jury Services Compensation Donation Program 2.403

Witness Management, Court Reporting, and Interpreters (2.500)

Adobe PDF Creation of Witness Management Office 2.501
Adobe PDF Procedures for Witness Management Office 2.502
Adobe PDF Court Reporting Services 2.503
Adobe PDF Court Reporters in Civil Matters 2.504
Adobe PDF Court Reporting Plan in Death Penalty Trials 2.505
Adobe PDF Establishing Court Interpreter Policy 2.506
Adobe PDF Compensation of Staff Interpreters for Depositions 2.507
Adobe PDF Contractual Court Interpreter Fees 2.508

Expert, Due Process, and Court Appointed Counsel (2.600)

Adobe PDF Selection and Payment of Court Appointed Experts 2.601
Adobe PDF Review Panel 2.602
Adobe PDF Due Process Cost 2.603
Adobe PDF Court Appointed Counsel 2.604
Adobe PDF Appointment of Chief Judge Designee to Hear Requests by General Registry Attorneys for Additional Compensation 2.606

Process Servers (2.700)

Adobe PDF Certified Process Servers 2.701
Adobe PDF Return of Service Form 2.702
Adobe PDF Recovery of Certified Process Server Costs 2.703
Adobe PDF Extension of Reciprocity to Certified Process Server of the Eleventh Judicial Court 2.704
Adobe PDF Renewal of Process Server Certification 2.705
Adobe PDF Process Server Grievance Review Committee 2.706
Adobe PDF Procedural Guidelines for Certified Civil Process Server Grievance Review Committee 2.707
Adobe PDF Procedures for Certified Civil Process Servers with Sanctions or Penalties Imposed in Other Jurisdictions 2.708
Adobe PDF Process Servers Section 48.49 Guidelines 2.709

Alternative Dispute Resolution (2.800)

Adobe PDF Alternative Dispute Resolution Office 2.801
Adobe PDF Arbitrators 2.802
Adobe PDF County Court Civil Mediation Program 2.803
Adobe PDF Circuit Court Civil Mediation Program 2.804
Adobe PDF Juvenile Dependency Mediation Program 2.805
Adobe PDF Juvenile Domestic Violence Mediation Program 2.806
Adobe PDF Funding of Mediation and Arbitration 2.807