Series 3 - Civil

Administrative Matters (3.100)

description number
Adobe PDF Civil Jury Trials at Branch Courthouses 3.101
Adobe PDF Case Distribution County Civil 3.102
 Adobe PDF County Civil Regions/Branch Courthouses (VACATED) 3.103
Adobe PDF Transfer of Cases from County to Circuit 3.104
Adobe PDF Establishment of South County County Civil Division "RS" (VACATED) 3.105
Adobe PDF Correcting Scrivener's errors in Circuit and County Civil Cases 3.106

Circuit Civil - Pretrial and Trial (3.200)

Adobe PDF Uniform Motion Calendar Practice 3.201
Adobe PDF Motions to Compel Discovery 3.202
Adobe PDF Uniform Pretrial Orders 3.203
Adobe PDF Preparation of Judgments and Orders 3.204
Adobe PDF Closure of Files 3.205
Adobe PDF Emergency Hearings in Circuit Civil Matters 3.206

Foreclosures and Judicial Sales (3.300)

Adobe PDF Judicial Sales 3.301
Adobe PDF Division AW 3.302
Adobe PDF Bankruptcy Filing 3.303
Adobe PDF Final Judgment of Foreclosure 3.304
 Adobe PDF Homestead Foreclosure Actions by Institutional Lenders (VACATED) 3.305

Adobe PDF Case Management Status Conference in Homestead Foreclosure Actions by Institutional Lenders (VACATED)

Adobe PDF Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 3.307
Adobe PDF Case Mgmt. of Residential Foreclosure Cases and Mandatory Mediation Referral 3.308
Adobe PDF Establishment of Foreclosure Division AV (VACATED) 3.309
Adobe PDF Reassignment of Commercial Foreclosure Cases 3.310
Adobe PDF Disposal of Foreclosure Trial Exhibits 3.311
Adobe PDF Required Submission of Service Lists in Residential Foreclosure Cases and Procedures for Scheduling Trials 3.312
Adobe PDF Foreclosure Division Case Status Reporting Requirements 3.313
Adobe PDF Timely Resolution of Motions in Foreclosure Division "AW" (VACATED) 3.314
Adobe PDF Reassignment of Residential Foreclosure Cases 3.315

Eminent Domain (3.400)

Adobe PDF Eminent Domain - Quick Take Proceedings 3.401

Forfeiture (3.500)

Adobe PDF Procedure for Forfeiture Proceedings 3.501

County Court - Pretrial and Trial (3.600)

Adobe PDF Small Claims Summons 3.601
Adobe PDF Residential Eviction Summons (PDF) - Download as Word document. 3.602
Adobe PDF County Court Motion Practice 3.603
Adobe PDF Motion to Compel Discovery - County Court 3.604
Adobe PDF County Court Civil Trials - Branch Courthouse Request 3.605
Adobe PDF  Civil Cover Sheet 3.606
 Emergency Hearings in County Civil Matters 3.607

Special Civil Administrative Orders (3.900)

Adobe PDF Code Enforcement Citation System and Final Judgment Forms 3.901
Adobe PDF Marriage Licenses - Waiver of Delay 3.902
Adobe PDF Pilot Project: Divisions "AF" and "AJ" Use of E-mail and E-Scheduling (VACATED) 3.903
Adobe PDF Chinese Manufactured Drywall Litigation (VACATED) 3.904
Adobe PDF Prepayment of Fee for Filing Complaint of Replevin Against Law Enforcement Agency 3.905
Adobe PDF Administrative Closure of Reopened County Court Civil Actions 3.906
Adobe PDF Palm Beach County Wage Dispute Docket / and Creation of "WD" Division 3.907
Adobe PDF Establishment of Engle Progeny Tobacco Litigation Trial Division ADN Relocation of Division "AI" Cases 3.908
Adobe PDF Creation of Circuit Civil Division "AK" 3.909