Series 4 - Criminal

Administrative Matters (4.100)

description number
Adobe PDF Administrative Procedures in Criminal Division 4.101
Adobe PDF Temporary Judicial Assignment in Criminal 4.102
Adobe PDF  Companion and Refiled  Cases (VACATED) 4.103
Adobe PDF Division Assignment for Motions for Investigative Subpoena for Patient Records 4.104
Adobe PDF DNA Testing 4.105
Adobe PDF Clerk's Statistical Report 4.106
Adobe PDF Appointment of Elder Justice (VACATED) 4.107
Adobe PDF Correcting Scrivener's Errors in Criminal Cases 4.108

First Appearance and Bond (4.200)

Adobe PDF First Appearance Hearings 4.201
Adobe PDF Schedule of Bonds 4.202
Adobe PDF Property Bonds 4.203
Adobe PDF Surety Bonds and Cash Bonds 4.204
Adobe PDF Discharge of Surety Bonds and Cash Bonds 4.205
Adobe PDF Pretrial Release Program 4.206

Pretrial and Trial Management (4.300)

Adobe PDF Discovery Stipulation Between PD and State 4.301
Adobe PDF Paperwork For Negotiated Pleas 4.302
Adobe PDF Continuances of Trial Dates in Criminal Actions 4.303
Adobe PDF Witness Compensation/Reimbursement 4.304
Adobe PDF Subpoenas for Law Enforcement Officers 4.305
Adobe PDF Motions to Depose 4.306
Adobe PDF Recission of No Contact Orders 4.307
Adobe PDF Recall of Capias in Nolle Prossed/Dismissed Misdemeanor Cases 4.308

Sentencing and Related Post Sentencing Matters (4.400)

Adobe PDF Procedures for Arrests with Warrants for Violations of Probation 4.401
Adobe PDF Procedures for Warrantless Arrests for Violation of Probation and Community Control 4.402
Adobe PDF Probation/Community Control Cost of Supervision 4.403
Adobe PDF  Policies and Procedures Regarding In-House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring Programs 4.404
Adobe PDF Application of Funds Received from Probationer 4.405
Adobe PDF Restitution to Crime Victims 4.406
Adobe PDF Distribution of Unclaimed Restitution 4.407
Adobe PDF Assessment Fees for  Public Defender/Office of Criminal Conflict  Fees (VACATED) 4.408
Adobe PDF Weekend Sentences 4.409
Adobe PDF Department of Corrections Reentry Program "Thinking for a Change" 4.410
Adobe PDF Alternative Sanctions Program for Felony Offenders 4.411
Adobe PDF Alternative Sanctions Program for Misdemeanor Offenders 4.412

Circuit Criminal (4.500)

Adobe PDF Interviews of Victims in Child Sexual Abuse 4.501
Adobe PDF Circuit Criminal Felony Reallocation 4.502
Adobe PDF Circuit Criminal Case Disposition 4.503
Adobe PDF Felony Re-Assignment of Cases (VACATED) 4.504

County Criminal (4.600)

Adobe PDF County Criminal Court Procedures 4.601
Adobe PDF Assignment of Cases 4.602
Adobe PDF County Criminal Regions/Branch Courthouses 4.603
Adobe PDF Request for Arraignment Continuances at Branch Courthouses 4.604
Adobe PDF Inactive Misdemeanor and Criminal Traffic Cases 4.605
Adobe PDF Transporting of In-Custody County Court Criminal Offenders 4.606
Adobe PDF Misdemeanor In-Custody Cases 4.607
Adobe PDF Intoxilyzer 8000 Litigation 4.608

Restraining Orders/Domestic Violence (4.700)

Adobe PDF Restraining Orders- Victims/Witnesses 4.701

Inmates (4.800)

Adobe PDF Mentally Ill/Violent or Suicidal Inmates (VACATED) 4.801
Adobe PDF Persons in Custody for Out of County Holds 4.802

Special Criminal Administrative Orders (4.900)

Adobe PDF Jimmy Ryce Involuntary Civil Commitment for Sexual Violent Predators Treatment and Care Act 4.901
Adobe PDF Vehicle Immobilization 4.902
Adobe PDF Community Justice Service Centers (VACATED) 4.903
Adobe PDF Palm Beach County Drug Court 4.904
Adobe PDF Palm Beach County Veterans' Docket and Creation of "VA" Division 4.905
Adobe PDF Mental Health Specialty Division "T" 4.906
Adobe PDF Destruction of Evidence By Law Enforcement 4.907
Adobe PDF Pilot Project Regarding Jail Transports For Status Checks (VACATED) 4.908
Adobe PDF Driving while License Suspended Court 4.909
Adobe PDF Creation of Circuit Criminal Division "Z" and Transfer of 450 Pending Felony Cases 4.910