The Honorable Peter D. Blanc
Circuit Civil "AB"

Judicial Assistant:
Stefanie Lee

(561) 355-1721

Courtroom Number:

Main Judicial Complex
205 N Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33401




This division uses online scheduling for ALL HEARINGS (including Uniform Motion Calendar). 15-minute and 30-minute special set motions are set by ORDER (see "Divisional Forms & Orders").  EACH CASE MAY TAKE ONLY ONE TIME SLOT PER DAYFor hearings requiring more than 30 minutes, please see "Divisional Instructions".

All pretrial motions, including Motions in Limine, shall be scheduled in the ordinary course to be heard prior to calendar call.  Please note that due to the volume of cases in this division, it usually takes approximately 60 days to get a special set hearing. Please plan accordingly.

UMC hearings are held TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY at 8:30 A.M. and are scheduled online at A copy of the notice of hearing and motion should be MAILED or HAND-DELIVERED to Judge Blanc in advance of the hearing.  DIVISION AB DOES NOT ACCEPT THESE ITEMS BY E-MAIL.  The attorney shall bring a proposed Order to submit to the Court at the time of hearing. Please check the Division AB suspension calendar for current suspension dates.


Local Rule 4 has been amended and now requires attorneys to "make reasonable efforts to actually speak to one another" in a genuine effort to narrow disputes before seeking court intervention.

The certification requirement has also changed and provides only two options to be used without modification:

_____ Counsel has conferred with all parties who may be affected by the relief sought in the motion in a good faith effort to resolve or narrow the issues raised.

_____ Counsel has made reasonable efforts to confer with all parties who may be affected by the relief sought in the motion but has been unable to do so.

If you have not complied with these amended requirements, please reschedule your hearing.


Division AB is currently e-serving orders to attorneys/parties that have registered their primary and secondary e-mail addresses with the 15th Circuit.  Please make sure you are registered for judicial e-service at NOTE:  THE FILING OF A "NOTICE OF E-MAIL DESIGNATION" DOES NOT REGISTER YOU FOR JUDICIAL E-SERVICE.  YOU MUST REGISTER ON THE 15TH CIRCUIT'S WEBSITE.  Failure to register may result in orders being sent by default to the e-mail address on file with The Florida Bar.


Division AB does NOT accept e-mail transmission of copies of motions, memoranda, proposed orders, or other correspondence.  Exceptions may be made only when the Court specifically requests such a transmittal. 

AGREED ORDERS may be uploaded to the JVS system through "Online Scheduling" OR e-mailed to the divisional e-mail address in WORD format.  Please DO NOT do both and DO NOT MAIL in the Order if it is submitted electronically.


Division AB is currently setting trials (jury/non-jury) for January 1, 2018 - February 23, 2018. Calendar call is December 15, 2017, at 9:00 a.m.

Please see "Divisional Instructions" for further information.

last updated: 06/30/2017