The Honorable Jaimie Goodman
Family Division "FX" / Probate "IY"

Judicial Assistant:
Maria Vasil

(561) 330-1785


Courtroom Number: 

South County Courthouse
200 W Atlantic Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444


Division Updates

  • NEW Requirements for Special Set Hearings (Family Division "FX")
  • Administrative Order 5.212-2/17 (Order to Attend Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, and to File Financial Disclosure and Child Support Guideline Worksheet in Paternity and Dissolution of Marriage Cases with Minor Children)
  • Prior to a hearing on an uncontested dissolution of marriage involving minor children or parental responsibility, a Certificate of Attendance must be presented from the parties to the Court upon the parties' completion of a Parent Education Course approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families, and upon filing same with the Clerk of Court.  
  • Ex parte Probate Case Request Application
  • Counsel bringing Ex Parte matters for hearing are required to check-in with the Ex Parte Clerk prior to appearing before the Court on the Court's Ex Parte Calendar.
  • Administrative Order 6.310-10/16 (Professional Guardianship Registry and Appointment of Professional Guardianship) 
  • Prior to an appointment of a Guardian, all proposed guardian individuals are required to submit to a level 2 criminal check and a credit check. Section 744.3135 Florida Statutes. 

Divison News

CLICK HERE for Division Instructions (Family Division "FX" and Probate and Guardianship Division "IY")

Judge Goodman reviews all motions, memoranda  law, and legal authority prior to all UMC and Special Set Hearings.  Accordingly, please e-mail courtesy copies of materials for UMC and Special Set Hearings to the Court for review at least five (5) business days in advance of the hearing.  Material in excess of ten (10) pages shall be mailed and not e-mailed.

For ALL Uniform Motion Calendar Hearings:  Please send courtesy copies of UMC Motions and Notices of Hearing to either (for family matters) or (for probate and guardianship matters) in advance of all UMC hearings.

STRICT COMPLIANCE with amended LOCAL RULE 4.  Prior to setting a matter on the motion calendar, the party or counsel noticing the motion shall attempt to resolve the matter and shall certify the good faith attempt to resolve.  See amended Local Rule 4.

ALL RECORDED DOCUMENTS MUST PROVIDE A BLANK 3-INCH x 3-INCH SPACE ON THE TOP RIGHT OF THE FIRST PAGE AND A BLANK 1-INCH x 3-INCH SPACE ON THE TOP OF THE RIGHT OF ALL SUBSEQUENT PAGES.  The Clerk of Court will not accept documents for recording without this format in place.  See Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520.  See Also  Reference:  List of Recorded Documents


If you are a self-represented pro se party (with no attorney representation) in a case assigned to Division "FX", you must talk with a Family Case Manager: Lisset Pino (561) 330-1775 or Erika Ireland (561) 330-1829 to assist you, to answer your questions and/or to obtain guidance on your case.

If you have a question of a legal nature or questions concerning how to proceed in a case, it is suggested that you contact the Self-Service Center at (561) 355-7048 or visit the Self-Service Center located at the South Palm Beach County Courthouse, 1st floor, to guide you through the courts and to provide you with resources necessary to represent yourself.  You may also contact The Florida Bar or the Palm Beach County Bar Association for Lawyer Referral or Information Services.  For questions on court costs and filings, please contact the Clerk's office at (561) 355-2986 (Probate & Guardianship Division) or (561) 355-6511 (Family Division), or visit the Law Library at the South Palm Beach County Courthouse, 2nd floor.  For further information, please reference the Court's main website at

The Court does not consider individual correspondence, letters or notes. The Court only acts on Petitions or Motions properly filed with the Clerk of Court.  Please file the appropriate petition or motion, and send a copy to the opposing side with a courtesy copy mailed to the Court.  All documents mailed to the Court must include a certificate of service and be copied to all opposing counsel and parties or it will be returned as "ex parte communication". 

If you decide to represent yourself, the Court expects you and all parties to act in accordance with local rules and procedures governing the courts within the State of Florida.


When obtaining dates for hearings, the moving party is required to coordinate all proposed dates with opposing counsel and pro se parties.  Do not notice a hearing until the agreed date and time has been agreed among all parties and confirmed with the judicial assistant directly for setting to calendar.


All exhibits must be pre-marked and provided on the first day of trial.  The exhibits must be numbered sequentially.  Any exhibit which states "all", "any", and "any/all" will not be accepted.  See Exhibit Requirements.  See Also



last updated: 04/19/2017