Judge Glenn Kelley
The Honorable Glenn Kelley

Circuit Criminal "W"

Judicial Assistant:
Kimberly Massengill

e-mail: CAD-DIVISIONW@pbcgov.org

(561) 355-1980


Courtroom Number: 

Main Judicial Complex
205 N Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


Please refer to Judge Kelley's Divisional Instructions for all divisional procedures, thank you.


Suggestions to Paralegals and Attorney's before you call the JA:

Please read the divisional instructions first before calling the JA.

Make sure your Motions have been filed and docketed before you call the JA to obtain hearing time.

Check the court record and see if there are any current future dates on the case you will be calling about. 

Yes, you may email the JA: CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org

If you do not have a hearing date yet, please do not send courtsey copies of Pleadings/Motions/Case Law, etc. before you do. 



last updated: 09/03/2015