The Honorable Meenu Sasser
The Honorable Meenu Sasser

Circuit Civil "AI"

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Michele Smith

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pending in Division AI, please contact Judicial

Assistant, Michelle Smith, via email.   

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West Palm Beach, FL 33401




1.   Fusco v. Smith, 2016CA3595, Oct. 16-Oct. 19 (3 days) (VERDICT) 

2.   Dockswell v. Bethesda Hospital, 2012CA6331, Oct. 23-Oct. 27 (4 days) (settled)

3.   Stock v. Mann, 2013CA15624, Oct. 23-Oct. 27 (5 days) (#1 backup) (settled) 

4.   Five Solas v. RAM Realty, 2016CA4267, Oct. 30-Nov. 3 (5 days) 

5.   Cooper v. Firlik, 2017CA1200, Nov. 6-Nov. 10 (backup to tobacco trial)

6.   Adoinolfe v.Spahr, 2016CA13200, Nov. 6-Nov. 10 (backup to tobacco trial)

7.   Jefffrey v. Jones, 2016CA13931, Nov. 13-Nov. 17 (backup to tobacco trial)

8.   Balchunuas v. State Farm, 2015CA8229, Nov. 13-Nov. 17 (backup to tobacco trial)

9.   Stratton v. RAM Realty, 2016CA2907, Nov. 13-Nov. 17 (backup to tobacco trial)

10.  Portillo v. RAM Realty, 2016CA14077, Nov. 13-Nov. 17 (backup to tobacco trial)

11.  Rogers v. RAM Realty, 2017CA11785, Nov. 13-Nov. 17 (backup to tobacco trial)

12.  Tuzzo v. Universal Property, 2015CA8198, Nov. 24-Nov. 28 (backup to tobacco trial)

13.  Kaplan v. USAA Auto Association, 2016CA11635, Nov. 24-Nov. 28 (backup to tobacco trial)

14.  Rondeau v. Equity Lifestyle, 2015CA9566, Nov. 27-Nov. Dec. 1 (5 days)

15.  Navarro v. Unversal Property, 2016CA8376, Nov. 27-Dec. 1 (#1 backup) (5 days)

16.  Smith v. Feldman, 2016CA12394, Nov. 27-Dec. 1 (#2 backup)  (5 days)

17. Newsholme v. Florida Hospital Medicine Services, LLC, 2015CA3415, (To be specially set in Feb. 2018) (5 weeks) (300 jurors requested)

18.  Klupt v. Hartford Underwriters, 2017CA1772, Dec. 4-Dec. 11 (6 days)

19.  Stierwalt v. Federal Express, 2017CA138, Dec. 12-Dec. 18 (5 days) 


II.     Special Set Engle progeny trials

1.    Adamson v. RJ Reynolds, 2016CA8532, Nov. 6-Nov. 29 (3 weeks) (Jury Prequal on Nov. 3) (200 jurors requested) 

3.    Frogel v. RJ Reynolds, 2007CA23246, (to be specially set in Sept. 2018) 

In an effort to improve efficiency, Division AI has implemented an E-Calendar Call.  Counsel will no longer be required to attend calendar call in person; instead, they will simply email their requested trial dates and the jury trial calendar will be posted on-line.  Please contact Judicial Assistant, Michele Smith, with any questions.

All jury trials will be specially set in Division AI.  



last updated: 10/20/2017