The Honorable Rosemarie Scher

The Honorable Rosemarie Scher

Family "FH" / Probate "IH"

Judicial Assistant:
Harriet Merlin

(561) 694-7420

Courtroom Number: 

North County Courthouse
3188 PGA Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Related Administrative Orders

Series 5 - Unified Family Court

Note:Administrative Orders related to Domestic Relations were updated on May 21, 2009

UFC Administrative Matters (5.100)

description number
Adobe PDF Assignment of Unified Family Court Cases 5.101
Adobe PDF Assignment of Dependency and Delinquency Cases 5.102
Adobe PDF Case Reporting 5.103
Adobe PDF UFC Magistrates 5.104
Adobe PDF Procedures for Private Placement Adoption Proceedings Pursuant to FS Chapter 63 5.105
Adobe PDF Notice of Related Cases Form in Unified Family Court Cases 5.106
Adobe PDF Establishment of the South County Unified Family Court Family Division "FX" and the reassignment of existing cases in the "FY" and "FZ" Divisions 5.107

Domestic Relations Pretrial/Trial (5.200)

Adobe PDF Uniform Motion Calendar Practice in Family Court 5.201
Adobe PDF Motions to Compel Discovery 5.202
Adobe PDF Emergency Hearings 5.203
Adobe PDF Preparation of Judgments and Orders 5.204
Adobe PDF Hearings on Uncontested Dissolutions, Adoptions, and Name Changes 5.205
Adobe PDF Motion Hearings/Evidentiary Hearings 5.206
Adobe PDF Temporary Relief 5.207
Adobe PDF Family Mediation 5.208
Adobe PDF Trial Scheduling 5.209
Adobe PDF Interpreters and Translation of Documents 5.210
Adobe PDF Petitions for Modification 5.211

Alimony, Child Support, and Time Sharing (5.300)

Adobe PDF Arrearage Calculation Sheet Assignment 5.301
Adobe PDF Redirection of Child Support Payments and Payment of Custody Determination 5.302
Adobe PDF Time Standards for Post Judgment Enforcement Issues in Title VI cases 5.303
Adobe PDF Sliding Scale for Cost of Supervision 5.305
Adobe PDF Family Connections - Supervised Visitation Program 5.306

Special Domestic Relations Administrative Orders (5.500)

Adobe PDF Domestic, Repeat,Dating and Sexual Violence Injunctions 5.501
Adobe PDF Service of Domestic,Repeat, Sexual, and Dating Violence Injunctions 5.502
Adobe PDF Establishment of North County Domestic Relations Div. FJ and Shift of Zip Codes 33413, 33414 and 33415 to the North County Courthouse 5.504
Adobe PDF Establishment of Domestic Violence Divisions "FT" and "FV" 5.505
Adobe PDF Establishment of Belle Glade Domestic Violence Division "FW2" 5.506

Delinquency  (5.600)

Adobe PDF Juveniles Prosecuted in County Court 5.601
Adobe PDF Juvenile Restitution 5.602
Adobe PDF Delinquency Drug Court 5.603
Adobe PDF Juvenile in House Arrest and Community Control Policies 5.604
Adobe PDF  Companion and Refiled Cases in Juvenile Matters 5.605
Adobe PDF Correcting Scrivener's Errors in Juvenile Cases 5.606
Adobe PDF First Appearances in Juvenile Matters 5.607
Adobe PDF Application of Funds Received from Probationer in Juvenile Proceedings 5.608

Dependency (5.700)

Adobe PDF Attorney Ad Litem- Foster Children


Adobe PDF Family Drug Court


Adobe PDF Juvenile Judicial Review Orders

Adobe PDF Independent Living Review (ILR) Court 5.704

Special Juvenile Administrative Orders (5.800)

Adobe PDF Confidentiality 5.801
Adobe PDF Parental Notice of Abortion - Judicial Waiver 5.802
Adobe PDF Establishment of the South County Unified Family Court Juvenile Division "JS" and the Reassignment of Existing Cases in the "JM" Division 5.803
Adobe PDF Crossover Case Notification 5.804
Adobe PDF Truancy Court 5.805


last updated: 10/31/2016