The Honorable Jessica Ticktin
Family "FZ" / Probate "IZ"

Judicial Assistant:
Manuela Morales

(561) 274-1420

Courtroom Number: 

South County Courthouse
200 W Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33444


Divisional News:

Division FZ (FAMILY ONLY)  is now participating in Online Scheduling and E-mail Service, therefore, all Special Set Hearings (15/30 minutes) are to be scheduled online.

Judge Ticktin will review all Motions, Memoranda of Law and legal authority prior to all UMC and Special Set Hearings. Accordingly, please email courtesy copies of materials for UMC and Special Set Hearings to the Court for review in advance of all hearings.

Division FZ and Division IZ are currently setting trials in July 2017.  Special Set hearing times are available in April 2017.  Click on the online scheduling calendar link on this webpage to see available dates and scheduled hearings in Division FZ only.  Division IZ is not participating in Online Scheduling at the present time.  Please contact the Court's judicial assistant for hearing time.

*ALL RECORDED DOCUMENTS (INCLUDING FINAL JUDGMENTS) MUST PROVIDE A 3X3 SPACE IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER.  The Clerk of Court will no longer accept documents for recording without this space.  Please see Rule 2.520, and  You may also contact the Clerk of Court for further information as to the specific documents required. 

STRICT COMPLIANCE with amended LOCAL RULE 4.  Prior to setting a matter on the motion calendar, the party or counsel noticing the motion shall attempt to resolve the matter and shall certify the good faith attempt to resolve.  See amended Local Rule 4.


*If you are a self-represented pro se party (with no attorney), you must contact the Family Court Case Manager, Lisset Pino, at 561-330-1775, for questions and guidance regarding your case.


The Court does not act on letters, notes or emails sent by either party. The Court acts on petitions or motions properly filed with the Clerk of the Court.  File the appropriate petition or motion with the Clerk of the Court, send a copy to the opposing side and a courtesy copy to the Court in order for requests to be addressed by the Court.  All documents emailed to the Court must state that they were emailed to the opposing side in the same email or they will be returned as ex parte communication.



last updated: 04/21/2017