Appellate Opinion




 Harbour House HOA. v. City of Delray Beach   2014CA002147MB 01/13/2015
 Michael Anthony Foreman v. State of Florida  2014AP900001AXXXMB 01/21/2015
 Kelly Monique Mays v. State of Florida 2014AP900004 01/13/2015
 Alan Noel Wheeles v. State of Florida 2014AP900019AXXXMB 01/26/2015
 Jennifer Marino v. State of Florida 2014AP900054AXXXMB 01/26/2015
 Marissa Lace Jordan v. State of Florida 2014AP90037XXXXMB 01/26/2015
 Ubilio Velazquez v. Stated of Florida 2013AP900070AXXXMB 01/26/2015
 Palm Beach Park Centre 1-6 v  Town of Palm Beach 2014CA010563XXXXMB 01/13/2015
 Craig Jay Perkins v. Howard B. Stevens, INC. 2014AP000030 01/02/2015
 Collision Concepts, INC v. State Farm Insurance Comp. 2014CA007531XXXXMB 01/06/2015
 Elizabeth Sawyer v. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office 2014AP900036 01/26/2015
 Kathleen Corneeilsen v. State of Florida 2014AP900034 01/26/2015


 State Farm v. Collision  Concepts 2014CA007531XXXXMB 02/12/2015
 Howard Leibowitz v. The State of Florida DHSMV 2014CA013629 02/17/2015
 Casey Saylor v. Florida DHSMV 2013CA013545 02/17/2015
 Charlene Susan Shookoff v. DHSMV 2014CA009576XXXXMB 02/17/2015
 Boca Del Mar INC v. Board of County Commissioner 2014CA009458XXXXMB 02/17/2015
 Eyon Lyn Gordon v. State of Florida 2014AP900008AXX 02/23/2015
 William Steven Dixon v. State of Florida 2014AP900014XXXXMB 02/23/2015
 Joseph D. Deluce v.  Florida DHSMV. 2014-CA-010131 02/26/2015
 Derek Wiley and Tracy Wiley v. Jupiter House LLC 2013AP000061XXXXMB 02/23/2015


 State Farm v. Ortho Florid, LLL. 2014CA00560XXXXMB 03/10/2015


 Timoteo Chavezchile v. State of Florida 2014AP900025AXXXMB 04/20/2015
 State of Florida v. Earlby Louis Ramsey 2014AP900061AXXXMB 04/20/2015
 Michael L. Clark v. State of Florida 2014AP900013AXXMB 04/20/2015
 Heidi Lyn Schmid-Sorkness v. State of Florida  2014AP900030XXXXMB 04/20/2015
 Ivan Dominguez v. State of Florida DHSMV 2014ca011473 04/23/2015
 Christopher F. O'hare v. Town of Gulf Steam 2014-CA-007327 04/27/2015
 Victor Bakara v. Independence Homeo Wners Assoc. 2013AP000053 04/27/2015
 Louis v. JWC Jupiter Aparments 2014AP000026XXXXMB 04/27/2015


 Southwind Lake HOA v. Pudlit 2 Joint Venture 2014AP000023 05/01/2015
 Thousand Oaks v. Pudlit Joint Venture 2014AP000037 05/01/2015
 Venetian Isles Community Assoc. v. Stein 2014AP000009XXXXMB 05/02/2015
 Henry G. Wieneke, JR v. State of Florida 2013AP900068AX 05/08/2015
 Northfield Holding v. ClaireYassa 2014AP000022 05/12/2015
 Leroy Patterson v. State of Florida 2014AP900016AXXXMB 05/21/2015
 John Antony Riley v. State of Florida 2013AP900065AXXXMB 05/26/2015
 Nicholas Andrew Pancoast v. State of Florida 2015AP900006AXXXMB 05/26/2015
 Aaron Chaplin Jhagroo v. State of Florida 2015AP900014AXXXMB 05/26/2015


 State Farm v. Gold Coast Chiropractic Center   2013CA010166 06/09/2015
 MDM Chiropractic Center v. State Farm 2014CA000769XXXXMB 06/19/2015
 Zacharry Cherry v. State of Florida 2014AP90003XXXXMB 06/22/2015
 Abraham Butista Resendiz v. State of Florida 2014AP900038AMB 06/22/2015
 Willoughby Estates v. Bankunited 2014AP000015 06/23/2015
 Maxine Lisa Honio v. State of Florida 14AP900045AXXXMB 06/22/2015
 Christopher Scoggins v. State of Florida 2014AP900063AXXXMB 06/27/2015
 Lake Pepaj v. State of Florida 2014AP900041XXXXMB 06/27/2015
 Shirley Walker-Turner v. State of Florida 2014-AP-900003-AXXXMB 06/27/2015
 Terell of Hardy v. State of Florida 2014AP00057 06/27/2015
 April Wilson v. State of Florida 2014AP900017 06/27/2015
 Lee Johnson v. State of Florida 2014AP900031 06/27/2015
 Nicolas A. Pancoast v. DHSMV 2015CA001239 06/28/2015
 Robert S. Johnston v. DHSMV 2015CA003046 06/28/2015
 State FArm v. Gold Coast 2015CA002335 06/28/2015


 State Farm v. Slossberg  opinion 2014AC003304 08/06/2015
 Boca View Condominium Association v. Edward Lepselter 2014AP000051XXXXMB 08/27/2015
 Davies v. Ronald Wolfe and Associates 2013AP000071 08/27/2015
 State Farm v. Premier Diagnostic Imaging Clauvel Benjamin 2014CA004977XXXXMB 08/28/2015


 Gold Coast Chiropractic Center v. State Farm 2014CA013521 09/21/2015
 Eduardo Pujol v. Capital one Bank 2013AP000066 09/21/2015
 Progressive American Insurance v. Collision Conceps 2015CA002272 09/28/2015
 Alisa Johnson v. State of Florida 2014P00056XXXXMB 09/28/2015
 Eudes Beauplan v. State of Florida  2014AP00060AXXXMB 09/28/2015
 Antoine Smith v. State of Florida 2014AP900039AXXXMB 09/28/2015
 Tianfan Guo v. State of Florida 2012AP00066 09/28/2015
 Oscar D. Martinez v. State of Florida 2014AP00005AXXXMB 09/28/2015
 Indoor Environmental services v. Citizens Property Ins. opinion 2013AP000041 09/28/2015


 Paul Rampell and Rita Rampell v. Town of Palm Beach 2014CA013648 10/09/2015
 Waterview Tower Condominium v. City of WPB  2014CA011943 10/09/2015
 State Farm v. Precision Diagnostic of Lake Worth 2014AP000044 10/19/2015
 Helena Cuellar V. Cach, LLC 2014AP000048 10/19/2015
 Christopher Geroda v. State of Florida 2015AP000059 10/19/2015
 Gold Coast Chiropactic Center v. State Farm 2015CA002654 10/20/2015
 Matthew James Hubbard v. State of Florida 2014AP900028 10/23/2015
 Albert Alu, v. State of Florida 2014AP900015 10/26/2015
 Miguel Angel Figueroa v. State of Florida 2015AP900011 10/26/2015
 Juan Acenzio v. State of Florida 2015AP900009 10/26/2015
 Royal Palm Chiropractic v. State Farm 2015CA000249 10/27/2015


 Willie J. O'Neal v.  State  for Florida 2014AP900027 11/09/2015
 Amlong and Amlong v.  Laurie Semo 2014AP000069 11/09/2015
 David Wall v.  USAA   2014AP000049 11/13/205
 Harbourside Place LLC v. Town of Jupiter, Florida 2015CA004129 11/16/2015
 Najam Wasty v. Florida Deparment of Highway 2015CA004492 11/16/2015
 Patricia Mary Hastings v. Florida Deparment of Highway 2015CA2361 11/16/2015
 Leslie Diver v. Town of Palm Beach 2015CA001748 11/16/2015
 Justing P. Epstein v. Florida Atlantic University 2015CA004347 11/16/2015
 Palm Beach Polo, INC v. Village of Wellington 2014CA011710 11/16/2015
 Jose C. Deleon v. State of Florida 2015AP900005 11/17/2015
 Timmy Sherman v. State of Florida 2014AP900042 11/17/2015
 Carmelo Cruz Rodriguez v. State of Florida 2014AP900024 11/17/2015


 Evelyn Pezzo v. Palm Beach Sheriff's Office 2014AP900029 12/10/2016
 Graham's Carpet Cleaning v. Citizens Property  2014AP000003 12/16/2016
 Bretoux v. Westgate Auto Center 2014AP000047 12/16/2016
 Alzenia Smith v. EFN Investments, LLC 2014AP000019 12/16/2016
 American Clinical Solutions v. BCBS of NC   2014AP000043 12/16/2016
 David Law v. State of Florida DHSMV  2015CA008191 12/16/2016
 David Mahler v. Brenda Mahler 2014AP000043 12/16/2016