Vehicle Immobilization

The Vehicle Immobilization / Impoundment Program is administered by the Administrative Office of the Court.  Court Administration maintains a list of names and telephone numbers of all immobilization agencies operating in Palm Beach County that meet the requirements of Florida Statute 316.193 and that provide the essential services associated with the immobilization and impoundment of vehicles in accordance with directives of the Court.  These vehicle immobilization agencies are approved and established by the Chief Judge on an annual basis:

Applications for vehicle immobilization agencies are accepted during the registration period May 1 through May 31 annually.  Applications will be available on this site during the annual registration period.


Applicants must:

  • Complete, date and sign Information Sheet and Vendor Application
  • Remit $500.00 Application Fee
  • Provide 10-day/ 30-day/ 90-day Fee Schedule
  • Provide a $50.00 processing fee and an Authorization to Conduct Background Check form for each employee, agent or independent contractor who will be immobilizing vehicles on the company's behalf
  • Provide Sworn Affidavit of Compliance, including a statement indicating maintenance of accurate and complete records of all payments for the immobilization, including copies of all documents pertaining to the Court's Order of Immobilization or Impoundment, and any other documents relevant to verifiable experience immobilizing vehicle by the immobilization agency for at least three years

Approved Vehicle Immobilization Agencies:

All vehicle immobilization agencies have an ongoing responsibility to inform Court Administration of any changes in its staff (e.g. new employee) or in its status as a qualified immobilization agency (e.g. dissolution, name change).  Any notices of new employees, agents or independent contractors must be made in writing to Court Administration with a $50.00 process fee and an Authorization to Conduct Background Check form for each new person who will be immobilizing vehicles on behalf of the entity.

All vehicle immobilization agencies must maintain accurate and complete records for at least three years on all payments for the immobilization, all copies of all documents pertaining to the court's order of immobilization or impoundment, and all other documents relevant to each immobilization from time to time.

All vehicle immobilization agencies must submit a monthly vehicle immobilization report (with applicable fee) to the Administrative Office of the Court on the 10th day of each month.

Administrative Order:  All vehicle immobilization agencies are required to read and abide by the Administrative Order which governs vehicle immobilization (found in Series 4)

Related Laws:  All vehicle immobilization agencies are responsible for understanding and complying with the statutes and rules of the court which pertain to vehicle immobilization.

Related Forms:

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