Witness Management


How to order Transcripts or Electronic Media

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The Witness Management Office was created in 1991 by Administrative Order 2.501 . Witness Management schedules, conducts, transcribes and maintains records of criminal discovery depositions taken by the Public Defender, Office of Regional Criminal Conflict, and Court Appointed Attorneys (primarily for felony cases).

Calendar Instructions

This calendar is for viewing purposes only, any changes or corrections must be completed by Witness Management.

To reserve a room please provide the following:

  • Date requested
  • Beginning time
  • Ending time
  • Name of requesting attorney
PLEASE NOTE: The case is NOT put into the Witness Management system until a notice is received.


Jennifer Ford
Program Manager


Main Judicial Complex
205 N Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm

Deposition Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 4:30pm

(561) 355-6315