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Please schedule your hearing via the Online Scheduling System in Online Services the ZOOM link should auto-generate. If it does not, please send an email to CAD-DIVISIONAN@PBCGOV.ORG titled '{date of hearing} ZOOM REQUEST' to a receive a ZOOM link to the uniform motion calendar hearing. Zoom hearings can be conducted either via telephone or computer. Parties may appear via ZOOM or in-person.

Motion calendar will  commence at 8:30 a.m. Please call in and have all parties either on the line or in the courtroom promptly at 8:30 a.m. Judge Coates will then call  each case as it appears on the online calendar. Please be patient wait until your case is called.

Circuit Civil Division News: Electronic Submittal of Orders

In compliance with the Florida Supreme Court’s November 1, 2019 Administrative Order (AOSC 19-74), all orders shall be signed electronically by the court. To that end, all proposed orders from UMC and special set hearings shall be submitted electronically to the court as follows:

  1. counsel shall use the courtroom computers to complete and upload the order or
  2. counsel shall submit the order through the online scheduling system from their office, post-hearing.

Ultimately, no proposed paper orders will be accepted.

The deadline for all courts in the state of Florida to comply with the Florida Supreme Court’s Administrative Order (AOSC 19-74) is April 30, 2020.

SPECIAL SET Hearings by Telephone

  • The Court permits telephonic appearances by Counsel at UMC and SSH. At any hearing in which evidence is to be taken, the Court permits telephonic appearance by a party only upon agreement of all parties; otherwise, a motion will need to be filed seeking same and decided by the Court.
  • Telephonic conference providers include CourtCall (888-882-6878), CourtScribes (833-727-4237 ext. 3) and Zoom (888-799-9666), but parties are free to seek out other venders or utilize their own conference call provider if they have one. If using a teleconference provider that does not automatically provide a dail-in number the Notice of Hearing must include the number and passcode that the Court will use to initiate the call at the time of the hearing.
  • Subject to the above, no motion or order for telephone appearance is normally required, however, your opposing counsel/party must be aware and in agreement that you are appearing via telephone.
  • If you wish to appear at a hearing via telephone, you MUST contact your telephonic conference provider and make the appropriate arrangements at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled hearing date and time.

SPECIAL SET Appearance by Video at Non-Evidentiary Hearings

Division AN participates in the Fifteenth Circuit's Video Appearance Project for non-evidentiary hearings. Details concerning this project, participating vendors and training resources for interested parties can be found on the Circuit Civil Video Appearance Project page.

Only video appearances using an approved service provider and an approved web-based solution will be allowed.

Instructions for Scheduling a Video Appearance:

  1. Coordinate the video appearance through an approved service provider. View a list of approved video service providers and their contact information.
  2. Log into the Circuit's Online Services ("OLS")
  3. Locate your hearing in OLS;
  4. Schedule the appearance via the Circuit's Online Services ("OLS")
  5. Provide a back-up phone number for use to continue the hearing in the event of technical difficulties;
  6. Note: video appearances can only be scheduled for events listed in the OLS system.

No Motion or Order for video appearance is required; however, your opposing counsel/party must be aware that you are appearing via video.

Direct any technical questions to

Court Calendar

  1. The Court is in session Monday through Friday of each week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding court holidays, and any dates listed on the Court's Suspension Calendar.
  2. Unless otherwise specified on Judge Coates' Suspension Docket, UMC is held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of every week.
  3. UMC begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 9:30 a.m.

Suspension Calendar