KK1 Divisional Instructions

Misdemeanor and Traffic Arraignments at Gun Club

For Defendant's

If you missed your Court date, or will like a continuance on your case it can not be changed over the phone, you must put it in writing file it with the Clerk of Courts, and email a copy at CAD-DivisionKK1@pbcgov.org

Private Law Firms

If you have an Agreed Motion and Agreed Order they can be fax to the JA at  (561)656-7603, or email to: CAD-DivisionKK1@pbcgov.org.

If you have any questions do not email them please contact the JA directly at (561)688-4600.

All original Motions and Notice of Hearings must be filed with the Clerk of Courts.

VA Court

Palm Beach County's Veteran's Court convenes at 1:00 PM on Mondays at the Gun Club Judicial Complex before Judge Booras, Courtroom 1. This is a resolution court for United States military veterans who have pending criminal charges. This is a joint effort between the local criminal justice system and the Veteran's Administration. The VA provides services to eligible veterans for issues relating to substance abuse, mental health, and homelessness.